There are dozens of cosmetics in your cupboard, and you skin is still not the one you dreamt of? It develops pimples, irritation, inflammation, exacerbates acne and you don't know why? This is often the result of improper care that upsets your skin's balance. Skinimalism, or minimalism for the skin, is a balanced care that will regulate it, rebuild the hydro-lipid barrier and restore a healthy appearance. Skinimalism is a relief for your skin, planet and wallet;) Because less is more.

How it works?

1. First, love your skin. It is your largest organ that reacts to stress and negative emotions like the rest of your body. Therefore, start you skin care with self-acceptance.

2. Slow down, pay attention to what is really serving your skin. Don't rush for new products just because you haven't noticed the results you were looking for after a few days. Give your skin time to get used to it. To see the effect of any cosmetic, you shoud use it regularly for at least a month.

3. Avoid substances that are unnecessary or too aggressive. Combining a large amount of cosmetics and active ingredients, which are often contradicting each other, interferes with the functioning of the skin. The skin, burdened with an excess of substances, begins to defend itself, reacting with eczema, irritation and inflammation. First things first - wash your face using delicate substances that are friendly to the hydro-lipid barrier - you will find them in our gentle facial cleansing emulsion.

4. 4. Use SIMPLY MORE cosmetics that will provide your skin with everything it needs in a delicate formula every day. Our products complement each other and create a balanced, minimalist care that will restore your skin's balance, repair the damaged hydro-lipid barrier and finally allow you to regain the natural glow of your skin. Without overloading, unnecessary substances and synthetic ingredients. Simply More is:

prevention from imperfections

Why skinimalism?

+ minimalism has a beneficial effect on your complexion, restores balance and natural glow, allows you to effectively rebuild the hydro-lipid barrier

+ balanced formulas created by specialists provide your skin with comprehensive care in a safe way

+ multifunctional cosmetics are a few steps less in the care routine. And this saves you time and money that you can spend on what is important in life!

+ simple, balanced compositions can be easily combined with other cosmetics

+ friendly for sensitive, reactive skin, suffering from acne and other problems

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