We care about the environment

Ecological awareness and sustainable development have always been the foundations of Simply More. We constantly strive to reduce our negative impact on the environment to the minimum necessary. We realize that the cosmetics industry faces many challenges related to its impact on the environment, which is why we strive to reduce our global carbon footprint.

We have already taken the following steps:

  • our packaging - an airless tube, was produced in France, which allowed us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with their transport (compared to packaging from Asia),
  • our packaging is made entirely of homogeneous material - recyclable plastic. The pump of our airless does not contain a metal spring, and the label is printed on recycled material,
  • the use of plastic packaging also allowed us to give up additional cardboard packaging - #less waste,
  • we send our parcels in minimalist envelopes made of recycled cardboard with paper filling, also from recycling,
  • Simply More, as a cosmetic brand, promotes a skinimalist approach to care, i.e. limiting the number of products and substances used for care. This is directly related to reducing the waste generated.

We are still looking for solutions that would help us become even more kind towards our planet. We will inform you about them!