Skincare made simple

Simply More is a cosmetics brand completely different from all others. We went a step further from clean beauty and created clear beauty - we talk openly and transparently about ingredients, raw materials, their effects and origins. We are a cosmetics brand that encourages you to buy less. For the good of your skin, but also of our planet.

Effect confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers

  • 100% natural origin

    Not 99%, 98%, but 100% natural ingredients made of certified ingredients of the highest quality.

  • Certified ingredients

    All ingredients are of the highest quality. Therefore, the raw materials we use in our formulas are covered by Ecocert and COSMOS certifications.

  • Less is more - less is more

    At Simply More, we create multi-tasking and synergistic products. Therefore, you achieve better results by using fewer cosmetics and thus do not overload your skin.

  • Natural dermocosmetics

    Hundreds of opinions confirm that our cosmetics are perfect for problematic skin - atopic dermatitis, PsA, vascular skin, rosacea or androgenic acne, and for treatments (e.g. isotec). Additionally, the products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is because our cosmetics are 100% of natural origin, and their formulas are gentle on the skin and free of fragrances.

  • Transparent compositions

    We precisely describe the origin and functions of the ingredients used in our formulas, we do not use mysterious abbreviations or incomprehensible terms. This is because we are proud of our recipes.

  • Less waste packaging

    We have minimized the amount of packaging and wherever possible, we have removed our products from cardboard boxes. We print labels on recyclable material, and we buy packaging from producers in Poland and Germany, thus reducing CO2 emissions associated with transport from Asia. We use bottles made of material based on sugar cane. Additionally, all our packaging can be fully recycled.