Why is skinimalism also good for our planet?

We attach great importance to taking care of our planet. We try to minimize the impact on the natural environment as much as possible at every stage of the company's operations. We constantly carry out activities contributing to environmental protection and are constantly looking for new solutions.

The ingredients used to produce the cream come from the best, proven sources. We do not use animal ingredients at any stage of production. Thanks to this, our cream is cruelty-free and vegan.

Our cream is closed in an airless packaging, or one that prevents air from reaching the cream mass. It is produced in Europe, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with its transport from distant corners of the world. Airless is entirely made of homogeneous material (no springs or metal elements), which allows it to be easily recycled. In the case of other packaging, i.e. airless glass, the pump is often permanently attached to the glass part, which makes it impossible to properly sort the waste of the used cream. The label, which is part of the packaging, was printed on material made of recyclates and is also fully recyclable. The use of plastic packaging also allowed us to eliminate an additional cardboard box - #lesswaste . Additionally, the airless packaging, limiting the access of bacteria and air to the cream, ensures its usefulness for up to 2 years.

The main assumption of Simply More is to reduce multi-stage care steps and complicated rituals based on many products and ingredients. The idea of ​​skinimalism, which is close to us, affirms a return to natural beauty and limiting the amount of cosmetics used. Simply More presents one comprehensive cream that provides care total , encourages our consumers to:

- restrictions on purchased cosmetics,

- waste reduction,

- limitations on generated packaging.

Natural care according to Simply More is meant to be simple and pleasant ! Because beauty is simple.