Fewer ingredients, higher quality, greater effectiveness

Simply More Face Cream is a revolutionary, ultra-moisturizing face cream made of 10 top-quality ingredients that are 100% natural. Why 10? Because less is more, maximum effects without unnecessary ingredients, without overloading the skin, without fillers. No more complicated rituals, time-consuming care, excess cosmetics and active substances. All this can lead to overload and overstimulation of your skin and often worsen its condition. Because more cosmetics does not mean better care, simply put. It's time for skinimalism - more you, less cosmetics.

Our cream provides comprehensive care for your skin every day - it regenerates, nourishes and prevents imperfections. It restores the natural glow, gives an immediate soothing effect and deeply nourishes. It is light and absorbs quickly. It does not leave a greasy film and is suitable under makeup. We are proud of our INCI ❤. In the composition you will find including :
- embelia extract from Madagascar – also called "forest embrace", is a source of flavonoids that have a positive effect on skin microcirculation and enzymatic activity. It has a strong regenerating and soothing effect, providing immediate relief to tired skin. It has an antioxidant effect and strengthens the protective functions of the skin barrier,
- moringa butter – strongly moisturizes, softens and nourishes due to the high content of oleic acid, which imitates fatty acids found in the skin. Provides quick reconstruction of the hydro-lipid barrier, rich in vitamin A,
- jojoba oil – its structure is similar to natural skin sebum, it regulates its secretion, has antibacterial properties and stabilizes the skin's PH. It strengthens the intercellular cement layer, protecting the epidermis against damage. Rich in vitamin A, E, F,

- squalane – oil obtained from olive oil. It is unique because it occurs naturally in our sebum, the protective fatty layer of the skin. Seals the hydro-lipid barrier, preventing water loss. As an antioxidant, like vitamins C and D, it ensures that our lipids (fat cells) do not oxidize. Effect: the structure of the skin's lipid coat improves, and it also has antibacterial properties,

- tocopherol – simply vitamin E, i.e. the vitamin of youth. It is an excellent factor inhibiting radical lipid oxidation in the epidermis and dermis. Vitamin E has the ability to be incorporated into the lipid structures of cell membranes and the intercellular cement of the stratum corneum, thus strengthening the epidermal barrier and protecting it against water loss. It allows you to delay the signs of skin aging.

The rest of the ingredients are described in detail on our website in the tab ingredients .